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Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is a group of men and women, 18 years of age and older, chosen from the parish community by a process of discernment. The council also includes the two parish trustees and the Parish Director. Councilors must be active members of St James. Their primary task is to work in a consultative role to the Parish Director on  spiritual leadership, parish direction, policy development and planning to meet the needs of this parish within the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.   Contact council members through the parish office at 262-251-3944 or

Parishioners are welcome to observe the St. James Pastoral Council monthly meetings. If you would like to address the council, please contact us to request a spot on the agenda. If placed on the agenda, please understand that participation in council matters will be limited to the topic for which you are been granted time.  To request a spot on the agenda, contact the Pastoral Council Chair through the parish office at 262-251-3944 or

Pastoral Council Members 

Terry Brecklin – Pastoral Council Chair

Jeff Kenkel– Vice-chair

George Fox – Secretary

Jose Gonzalez  – Trustee Secretary

Chuck Demge – Trustee Treasurer

Tim Khoury – Liaison to Human Concerns

Josie Rukamp – Liaison to Christian Formation

Sharon Young – Liaison to Prayer and Worship

Scott Granicki – Liaison to Stewardship

Kim Cavaliero-Keller – Liaison to Stewardship


Meeting Minutes

St James Pastoral Council Minutes 03-09-22

St James Pastoral Council Minutes 02.09.22

St James Pastoral Council Minutes 01.12.22

St James Pastoral Council Minutes 12.08.21

St James Pastoral Council Minutes 11.10.21

St James Pastoral Council Minutes 10.13.21

St James Pastoral Council Minutes 09.15.21


St. James Pastoral Council Minutes 06.09.21

St James Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes 05.09.21

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes 04.14.21


Parish Council Mtg. 1-15-2020 Minutes

Pastoral Council Mtg. 12-11-2019 Minutes

Pastoral Council Mtg. 11-13-2019 Minutes

Pastoral Council Mtg. 10-9-2019 Minutes

Pastoral Council Meeting 9-11-2019 Minutes

Pastoral Council Mtg. – 6-12-2019 Minutes

Pastoral Council Mtg – 5- 8 -19 Minutes

Pastoral Council Mtg – 4-10-19 Minutes

Pastoral Council Mtg – 3-13-19 Minutes

Pastoral Council Mtg – 2-13-19 Minutes

Pastoral Council Mtg – 1-9-19 Minutes

Pastoral Council Mtg. – 12-12-18 Minutes

Pastoral Council Mtg. – 11-14-18 Minutes

Pastoral Council Mtg – 10-3-18 Minutes

Pastoral Council Mtg – 9-12-18 Minutes

Pastoral Council Mtg – 6-13-18 Minutes

Pastoral Council Mtg. – 5-9-18

Pastoral Council Mtg. – 4-11-18 Minutes

Parish Council Mtg 3-14-18 Minutes

Parish Council Mtg 2-14-18 Minutes

Parish Council Mtg 1-10-18 Minutes

Parish Council Mtg 12-13-17 Minutes

Parish Council Mtg 11-?-17 Minutes

Parish Council Mtg 10-11-17 Minutes

Parish Council Mtg 9-13-17 Minutes

Parish Council Mtg 8-9-17 Minutes

Parish Council MTG 5-10-16 Minutes

Parish Council Mtg 4 -13-16 Minutes

Parish Council MTG 3-9-16 Minutes