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TWO Confirmation Masses
Monday, May 3rd (Rehearsal May 2)  AND  Friday, May 14th (Rehearsal May 13)
Both rehearsals and Masses are at 7pm.
Confirmation Mass Signup & Seating Restrictions
At this time, we need to get a count of how many of you will be there. Each candidate is allowed 8 people total (candidate, sponsor, parents, family, guests) to attend the Mass. We want to ensure people’s safety and make everyone feel comfortable with the current health conditions. Knowing these numbers will help us with seating arrangements as well.
To help keep attendance down and to help your family and friends stay safe, we will be live streaming the Confirmations. We will share a link closer to the date so keep an eye on your email.

NO April 25th Meeting: What we will do instead

We WILL NOT have the April 25th final details meeting with candidates, parents and sponsors. Because we have had to add another Confirmation Mass at an earlier date than originally scheduled, we want to give you the important information earlier so you can better prepare for your Confirmation Mass:
  • Reflection to Celebrate Confirmation with Parents & Sponsor
We want to give you some time with your family and sponsor to celebrate this awesome Sacrament, so take some time in these final days at your convenience discuss your faith and Confirmation with these questions:
Break the ice: As best as you can remember, what has been the most exciting moment in your life to this point?
Candidate: What have you discovered about your faith during the Confirmation process?
Sponsor & Parents: Have you discovered anything about your faith while helping your candidate through the process?
Candidate, Sponsor & Parents: What have you seen in each other during this Confirmation process?
Break the ice: If you had to wear an object around your neck at all times, something that would be attached to a thin chain or string, what would it be? (Don’t choose something too heavy—you have to wear it all the time!)
All: What is one thing about your faith that has you still searching for an answer?
All: What are some ways we can help each other grow in our faith as a family and a community?
  • Final Details for Confirmation: We are excitingly close!
It includes…
  • Rehearsal & Mass Times, Dates & Locations
  • Seating Arrangements & Face Masks
  • Candidate & Sponsor Clothing Guidelines
  • Important Things to Remember

Confirmation Interview (April 6-20)

  • Candidates cannot interview with their parent or sponsor.
  • Candidates, please copy Mary Ann on all emails ( to the interviewer you choose.
  • Adult interviewers, please copy Bryan on all emails ( This helps us know that everyone is having a conversation and a safe environment requirement.
  • Please schedule your interview by no later than April 1st.
  • In-person interviews are preferable and must take place at St. James (indoors or outside.)  Best times for in-person interviews are Tuesday evenings, Saturdays around Mass time and anytime Sunday. We will try to be flexible if another time is needed for an in-person interview.
  • You can also schedule Zoom or phone conversations this year.
  • For an interviewer’s contact info click here
    • Linda Dreger
    • Mary Ann Ehr
    • Kristine Evers
    • Kristin Kebis
    • Chris Lodl
    • Jen Losey
    • Bryan Ramsey
    • Amy Ruege
    • Sue Devine Simon
    • Chris Weber (Chris is available Tuesdays and Sundays from 4-6pm April 6-20)
You are encouraged to reflect on them, take notes and bring to your interview; though, remember this is a conversation. There are no right or wrong answers. Your experience and feedback is helpful to create the best experience possible for future candidates.

Sponsor Selection, Requirements & Day of Reflection/Service Activity

Sponsor requirements:
  • Attend the rehearsal (May 2 or May 13 @ 7pm) and Confirmation Mass (May 3 or May 14 @ 7pm) at St. James.
  • Plan a Candidate/Sponsor Day of Reflection or Service Activity. Select a service or activity that is close to you or your sponsor’s heart. There are many ways to serve in our world or online beyond these activities. And it’s all good! Remember one of the traits of a Christian is to be a servant every day.

Candidates, when you have completed the sponsor service activity,  COMPLETE THIS REFLECTION.

Make-up Confirmation Sessions (if you have missed more than 2 sessions)

1. Each session consists of six 3-10 minute segment videos on various Decision Point topics.
2. After watching the videos, answer the questions in the Google Form that correspond to the specific sections of the session.  Your answers to each question should be in paragraph form.
3. Once you have finished the form, your responses will be directly recorded.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact Bryan: or 262.253.2915

1st Make-up Session: The Church

2nd Make-up Session: Confirmation

3rd Make-up Session: Prayer Process

4th Make-up Session: Eucharist