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Calling all High School Juniors and their Parents….
Plan on attending ONE of the 11th Grade Candidate/Parent Confirmation meetings…

Sunday, August 15th after 9AM Mass
Tuesday, August 17th at 6PM
in the Community Center
(light breakfast & dinner snack items will be provided)

We look forward to 2022! Be sure to register HERE.

JUNIORS, stay tuned for a meeting of an orientation, dates and schedules.
SOPHOMORES, we will pass along details soon about the process of Confirmation beginning for you.
Both sophomores and juniors, here are the elements of Confirmation to consider…

Liturgy: Liturgy is the source and summit of our faith as Catholics. It is a must that candidates attend and participate in Mass each week, not simply out of obligation, but as a way of deepening our relationship with God. 

Ministry Signup: This requirement is intended to give candidates meaningful opportunities to serve our Church in an individual way that’s more personal to them – not only during the Confirmation process, but also beyond.

  1. Candidates need to commit to one ministry to be performed at least 8 times per year, but this varies with each ministry.
  2. The ministry opportunities list is being compiled and will be distributed soon.
  3. Both sophomore & junior candidates will select a ministry to serve by no later than September 1st.

Sponsor Selection, Sponsor/Candidate Service & Sponsor/Candidate Meeting: Consider someone who can share their faith throughout this year and could serve as a spiritual companion throughout life.
Sponsor selection is due by Sept. 1 for 11th graders. Sponsors requirements for 11th Graders:

  1. Engage in at least one service project together. Ideas for potential projects will be distributed at a later date.
  2. Attend the Candidate/Sponsor Day of Reflection (Date/Time TBD)
  3. Attend the rehearsal (Date/Time TBD) and Confirmation Mass (April 29, 2022 @ 7pm) at St. James.

10th graders will discuss this throughout the year and select a sponsor in the second half of the formation year & engage in one service project.

Attendance Policy (11th Grade ONLY): YOU ARE MISSED when you do not attend, so please respect our catechists and the group by attending the sessions.

  1. Make up work is required after missing more than two sessions.
  2. Candidates may attend a Tuesday session in the same week they cannot attend Sunday and vice versa. Contact  the CF office so we can alert the affected catechist.
  3. If it becomes an issue, candidates may be asked to postpone Confirmation to a time they can commit more to the process.

10th Grade Retreat – (Date/Time TBD)

11th Grade Confirmation Retreat – (Date/Time TBD)

Group Service Project: Candidates will serve with either the entire group of 10th or 11th graders OR as individual classes on a service project together. (Dates/Times TBD)

Confirmation Readiness Interview (11th Grade ONLY: Dates/Times TBD): Candidates are required to discuss their willingness to be Confirmed with a catechist or select members of St. James staff. A digital signup will be distributed early in the second half of the year.

Letter to the bishop (11th Grade ONLY): Candidates are required to request Confirmation in a letter to the bishop. Guidelines will be distributed in the spring for the letter to be completed and submitted on the final Confirmation session.

Confirmation Name Selection: Candidates will select a Saint’s name for Confirmation. For 11th grade, a selection reflection form will be distributed in the spring to be completed and submitted on or before the final Confirmation session. 10th grade will be asked to consider and select their name during the year.

11th Grade ONLY: Confirmation Rehearsal (Date/Time TBD) & Mass (April 29, 2022 @ 7pm) @ St. James: Candidates and sponsors are required to attend the rehearsal. If the sponsor cannot attend, a stand-in must be in attendance for seating purposes and to inform the sponsor of the process on the day of the Confirmation Mass.

Parent/Candidate Meeting (Dates/Times TBD for both 10th & 11th Grade): Parents are vital to faith formation of their children, so they are important to include in this process. These meetings will take place for the benefit of developing faith as a family, Catholic community and the Universal Church.

And we pray always for you all.
Whether you have been Confirmed already or your day of Confirmation is yet to come, we pray the Holy Spirit fill your heart.
May the gifts of the Holy Spirit be abundant in your life and our community.
Go and proclaim the Good News to all the world.
Your St. James Confirmation Team

Make-up Confirmation Sessions (if you have missed more than 2 sessions)

1. Each session consists of six 3-10 minute segment videos on various Decision Point topics.
2. After watching the videos, answer the questions in the Google Form that correspond to the specific sections of the session.  Your answers to each question should be in paragraph form.
3. Once you have finished the form, your responses will be directly recorded.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact Bryan: or 262.253.2915

1st Make-up Session: The Church

2nd Make-up Session: Confirmation

3rd Make-up Session: Prayer Process

4th Make-up Session: Eucharist