Confirmation Process

Our high school juniors are invited to consider the Sacrament of Confirmation. It’s a process that many past Confirmants have told us is enjoyable and positive. Our relationship with God and encounter with Christ becomes deeply personal and part of who we are as Christians, Catholics and humans through Confirmation. There’s a lot of your peers who want you to join them, help them discuss and develop their faith and celebrate Confirmation with our entire parish in the spring.

Confirmation 2018-19 Calender

Description of Confirmation Year Events


Make-up Material for Missing a Session

1. Click on the appropriate make-up session below. Each session consists of six 3-10 minute segment videos on various Decision Point topics.
2. After watching the videos, answer the questions in the Google Form that correspond to the specific sections of the session.  Your answers to each question should be in paragraph form.
3. Once you have finished the form, your responses will be directly recorded and notify us that you have completed the session.
4. Please complete all work by your next Confirmation session.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact Bryan: or 262.253.2915

1st Missed Session Make-up: The Church

2nd Missed Session Make-up: Confirmation

3rd Missed Session Make-up: Prayer Process

4th Missed Session Make-up: Eucharist