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JUNIORS: Thanks to those who have enrolled already for Christian formation.
If you have not, click here to do so. 

Year 2 Confirmation Schedule

Year 2 Confirmation Details, Events & Activities

Year 2 retreat to attend on either Sept. 25-26 or Oct. 2-3
There is no overnight; times are Friday 6-10 & Saturday 12-5:30; and both retreats take place at Good Shepherd. There will be a limit of attendees per retreat, so consider which works best and register…

Year 2 Retreat Registration


Confirmation Ministry Signup & Contact Information: The ministry is intended to give candidates meaningful opportunities to serve our Church in an individual way  that’s more personal to them – not only during the Confirmation process, but also beyond. Candidates need to commit to one ministry to be performed at least 8 times per year, but this varies with each ministry.

Make-up Material for Missing an 11th Grade Session

1. Click on the appropriate make-up session below. Each session consists of six 3-10 minute segment videos on various Decision Point topics.
2. After watching the videos, answer the questions in the Google Form that correspond to the specific sections of the session.  Your answers to each question should be in paragraph form.
3. Once you have finished the form, your responses will be directly recorded and notify us that you have completed the session.
4. Please complete all work by your next Confirmation session.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact Bryan: or 262.253.2915

1st Missed Session Make-up: The Church

2nd Missed Session Make-up: Confirmation

3rd Missed Session Make-up: Prayer Process

4th Missed Session Make-up: Eucharist

11th Grade Candidate – Sponsor Service Activity Reflection
Each candidate is asked to do a service activity with their sponsor. We will soon have a list of some ideas around church where you and your sponsor can help out. It can be a cause close to your sponsor’s heart that you can do. It can be almost anything, as there are many ways to serve in our world. And they are all good! Remember one of the traits of a Christian is to be a servant every day.
When you are done with your service activity,  COMPLETE THIS FORM detailing your activity and reflecting on the experience with your sponsor.