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Church Ministry Signup (Due by Oct. 1)
We ask our Confirmation candidates to commit to serving in a ministry here at St. James. It gives you an opportunity to experience your faith in a new way. Please…

…and give your 3 preferences as to which ministry you would like to serve this year. We will put you in contact with the coordinator of that ministry and you will be responsible for carrying out that commitment of serving throughout the year. There are varying level of commitments, so please do not sign up for a ministry hoping you will be able to participate. Our parish is counting on you to follow through on these commitments.

Confirmation Retreat Selection (Due by Jan 24th)
Saturday, Jan. 29th 8:45am-5:30pm
Saturday Feb. 26th 8:45am-5:30pm

  • Spots are limited for each retreat, so CLICK HERE to give your preference of retreat.
  • Retreats will be filled on a first, come, first serve basis to this preference survey, so please respond immediately and you will be notified as to which retreat you will attend.
  • Submit your preference BY NO LATER THAN JANUARY 24TH
  • The retreats are designed to build community for ALL who attend, so selecting the retreat that best fits your schedule still guarantees you a wonderful retreat experience.

Sponsor Requirements, Selection & Contact Info Form (due by Nov. 7)

We ask that you do select your sponsor the sponsor/candidate meeting date on Nov. 7. Please fill in the form so we connect with your sponsor and keep them updated and in prayer about the process and events.

St. James Requirements of Your Sponsor (please let your sponsor know when you select them):

  1. Attend the Candidate/Sponsor Reflection Day on Nov. 7 at St. James (10:30am-1:30pm)
  2. Complete ONE service activity and discussion with candidate (Candidate needs to complete Candidate/Sponsor Service Activity Reflection Form for this activity)
  3. Attend the rehearsal (April 28 @ 7pm) and Confirmation Mass (April 29 @ 7pm) at St. James

Liturgy: Liturgy is the source and summit of our faith as Catholics. It is a must that candidates attend and participate in Mass each week, not simply out of obligation, but as a way of deepening our relationship with God. 

Attendance Policy
YOU ARE MISSED when you do not attend, so please respect our catechists and the group by attending the sessions.

  1. Make up work is required after missing more than two sessions.  ** See make-up lessons at the bottom of the page.  
  2. On occasion, candidates may attend a Tuesday session in the same week they cannot attend Sunday and vice versa. Contact the CF office so we can alert the affected catechist.
  3. If attendance becomes an issue, candidates may be asked to postpone Confirmation to a time they can commit more to the process.

Service Projects
Candidates are asked to complete three service projects…

  1. Ministry Service to the Church — see below for details and signup
  2. Service with Sponsor — see sponsor form below for details
  3. Service with your group — Each group will plan and lead the ministries of a Mass at their specific timeslot (Sunday 4:30 on Oct. 31, Sunday 6:00 on Dec. 19, Tuesday 6:00 on Mar. 1, Sunday 11:30 TBD)

Confirmation Rehearsal (Apr. 28th) & Mass (Apr. 29th) 7pm at St. James (for both)
Be sure to get on your schedule and your sponsor’s schedule these two dates.


What questions do you have? What did we miss?
Contact Sue Devine-Simon ( or 262.253.2904)
We will follow up with any more details or clarifications as needed.
Make-up Confirmation Sessions (if you have missed more than 2 sessions)
1. Each session consists of six 3-10 minute segment videos on various Decision Point topics.
2. After watching the videos, answer the questions in the Google Form that correspond to the specific sections of the session.  Your answers to each question should be in paragraph form.
3. Once you have finished the form, your responses will be directly recorded.

1st Make-up Session: The Church

2nd Make-up Session: Confirmation

3rd Make-up Session: Prayer Process

4th Make-up Session: Eucharist

5th Make-up Session: The Bible

6th Make-up Session: The Holy Spirit