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ONE % CHALLENGE | St. Patrick Catholic Church

For the Month of October at St. James

The 1% Challenge is to help you get to know Jesus by taking 1% of your day (15 minutes) to pray with Scripture for 30 days. At all Masses this weekend at St. James we will be handing out the 1% Prayer Cards.

Get Started

Time:  Put it in your calendar.  Scheduling the same time every day is helpful.  The best time for you to pray is the time that you will actually do it, so find the time that works for your life.
Place:  Choose a location that will work for your life.  Find a quiet place with limited distractions.
Focus:  Turn off your cell phone.  Whatever it is can wait 15 minutes.  Find a comfortable (but not too comfortable) position.
Begin:  The most important thing is to begin.  If you show up every day and ask Jesus to teach you, he will.

Build a Habit

Practice:  Remember that learning any new skill takes practice.  Jesus is the perfect coach/teacher.  Ask him to help you.
Structure:  The Ask, Seek, Knock structure offered on the card is meant as a guide to help you start a habit of prayer with scripture and focus your conversation with Jesus.
Patience:  Jesus is far more patient and merciful with us than many of us are with ourselves.

Live the Habit

Beyond 30 Days:  So you completed your first 30 days of prayer with Scripture.  Congratulations!  Keep it going!
Increase Prayer Time:  Once you have your 15 minute prayer habit solid, consider increasing your prayer time by five minutes at a time until you reach two percent of your day (30 minutes)

The “1% Challenge” is developed by The Evangelical Catholic in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.  The 1% Challenge trademark is a trademark owned by the Evangelical Catholic.


Following are prayers from Pope Francis for peace in Russia and the Ukraine:

See the source imagePrayers for Peace in Time of War

Appeal by Pope Francis

Helping Families in Ukraine – Catholic Relief Services

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