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Middle & High Schoolers

Youth Group Service Project
Wednesday, August 26, 2020
8a - noon
Good Shepherd
NEEDED: 10-12 middle or high schoolers 
We will be pulling weeds and helping with landscaping/gardening on our church grounds. There will be boxed lunches and drinks. We need 10-12 young people to help out, but if we get more, we'll find a place for you to serve.
Please fill out this permission slip if you can make it.
Please register by Monday, August 24, 2020.

Middle & High School Virtual Christian Formation


“Digging Deeper in Your Faith”
Resources and activities to keep you spiritually moving, deepen your Catholic Identity, Prayer Life and Relationship with God.

GOD’S CREATION RETREAT: Take some time to appreciate what God gives you in His creation and how God is all around us in creation. Print off the retreat in the link, head outside and get closer to God.
GRATITUDE RETREAT: This time of quarantine has created an opportunity to appreciate all we take for granted in our lives. This could be a very special time for both you personally and for your family. All the details are in the link to the pdf for you to facilitate this retreat with your family. It will take some planning and communication before you do the retreat.
Step Out Stronger | Leave Quarantine Closer to Christ: Our days in isolation will come to an end. When they do, will you emerge weaker or stronger? Rather than dwelling on the what we may be missing, we’re focusing on Jesus. Click on the link above to sign up and give one percent of each of the next 30 days in prayer and completing a simple daily action to grow in love for God and neighbor.

Bible Studies to Do with the Family
Separated From Friends: It’s not just happening now, but also in the 1st century. Learn lessons from Paul and reflect on what God might be asking of you in this sacrifice and struggle.
Content in All of Circumstances: Confusion, frustration and isolation are ways to describe the current state of our world. Believe it or not, the Bible has a way to cope with this crazy time.

Technology Prayer: A prayer that is quite unique to today as we all continue our everyday lives virtually.
Forming a Habit of Prayer: We are all stuck in and around our houses for the next several weeks, so why not improve your spiritual life.
COVID-19 Prayers: A bunch of prayers specific to the crisis that can help us pray while keeping us safe. I’d love to have your share a pic if you do any of the prayers that have an activity accompanied with it: if you’d like to share what you created
THOMAS’ HOPE PRAYER EXPERIENCE: Click on the link above and read the reflection on Thomas. Select one of the prayer experiences to do. And know the best possible peace and hope, Jesus Christ, could be with you not just now, but in any anxiety, frustration or hurt you encounter for the rest of your life. 
PRAYER WALL: Pray for the needs in your life, things and people you’re thankful for, all that God has created and given you and many more prayers you can visualize and pray all week. It’s easy for all and a great way to pray.
A SIMPLE YET AWESOME PRAYER JOURNAL: Print off the journal and pray in the only way you know how – in your own words and without worry about the “proper way to pray.” This is such a cool resource that not just teen can take advantage of, but also young adults, parents and children.

40 Acts: The Generosity Challenge: Read the reflection and take part in the act of service suggested. They are trying to adapt it to life in the Coronavirus age, so there should be a good activity you can do to serve other and the Lord.
JUST A MINUTE PRAYER & SERVICE ACTIVITY: This is a simple prayer, but we’d like to have you add to it with a service you do for someone else. Follow the guide to the prayer in the link, pray for someone in your “Just a Minute” prayer, then provide the act of service: mailed letter, phone call, mowing their lawn, etc.


Christian Formation Program

+Sessions (1 hour) are Sundays @ 4:30pm or 6:00pm or Tuesdays @ 6:00pm
+6th-8th, 9th, 10th & Confirmation retreats are an extended period of formation
+Refer to the calendar below for dates/times of sessions and retreats

Questions, Comments or Recommendations on an Event?

Contact Bryan: or 262.253.2915