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Pastoral Council Seeks New Members

Contribute your time and talents to the St. James Parish community by becoming a member of the St. James Pastoral Council. The Pastoral Council serves in a consultative role to the Parish Director, Deacon Sandy Sites.

Qualifications. Pastoral Council representatives must be at least 18 years old and a practicing member of St. James.  Submitting your name does not commit you to serving on the council. We will take you through a discernment process to help you decide if service in this area is a good match for your talents and interests.

Time Commitment. Councilors serve 3-year terms and attend two meetings per month, All-Committee Night on the first Wednesday of the month and the Pastoral Council meeting on the second Wednesday each month.  The time commitment is approximately 3 hours per month, along with one-day retreats which are held twice a year.

Interested?  We’d love to tell you more about this great way to serve St. James.  Please contact one of us by June 9, 2019. Contact: Pastoral Council Chair, Pat Buehler (pbuehler@wi.rr.com); Vice-chair, Dave Topp (detopp@sbcglobal.net); or Secretary, Terry Brecklin (tbrecklin@gmail.com)