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Parent Orientation Info 2018-2019

Missed the parent meeting?  Need details?  Here is all of the info from our meetings on Sept 16th & 18th!



  • Introduction of staff – Sue Devine-Simon (Director of Religious Education/Adult Formation), Kristin Kebis (Child Ministry), Bryan Ramsey (Youth Ministry), Sandy Trythall (Admin Asst.), Mary Ann Ehr (Admin Asst.)
  • Calendars: dates for class sessions/retreats/Sacrament dates/parent nights
    • grade specific calendar to give you the topic for each class session
  • Attendance:  Please let us know if your child will be absent, sooner is better.  You can report absences by calling the CF office at 262-251-0897.
  • Class makeup opportunities:  We miss your child when they are not in class, and want to provide a way to engage your child’s faith on a weekly basis.  We will provide makeup options for all students on the website under the CF tab.  Children in 2nd grade will need to complete sacrament makeup lessons at home.  Middle and High school students will be asked to submit makeup assignments.  Confirmation students will have required makeup assignments.
  • Drop-offs & Pick-ups:  Children in 3k-5k should be dropped off and picked up from their class by a parent or guardian.  Children in grades 1-5 may be dropped off at the south CF doors by the small parking lot.  They will be dismissed and escorted out the same doors at the end of class.  Parking lot helpers will be present on Sunday mornings to assist with the pick-up process after class.
  • CF Facebook page:  NEW this summer, we have a CF specific Facebook page where we will share announcements/cancellations/faith building content/inspirational material/etc.  You can find us here: https://www.facebook.com/stjameschristianformation/  Go like us now!
  • Parent specific days:  We ask you to attend for Safeguarding sessions with children in grades 1-5.  Parents of middle and high school students will have two Parent Only nights for 6-11 during the year where we will check in to talk about how the year is going and offer some formation for you.
  • Ways to engage in CF activities: There are many activities during the year that are open to families (advent workshop,  soup supper?, mini-workcamp, Christmas program).  Additionally, parents are welcome to join their children for prayer breakouts, youth group activities, and grade level service projects.

Reading and reflection/discussion:
Excerpt from “Resisting Happiness” by Matthew Kelly from Dynamic Catholic: http://www.livinglifefully.com/flo/flobethehappinessparadox.htm

There are four aspects to the human person: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.

Physically, when you exercise regularly, sleep regularly, eat the right sorts of foods, and balance your diet, how do you feel? You feel fantastic. You feel more fully alive. You’re healthier, happier, and you have a richer, more abundant experience of life.

Emotionally, when you focus and give priority to your relationships, what happens? You switch the focus off yourself and onto others. As you do, your ability to love increases. . . and as your ability to love increases, your ability to be loved increases. You become more aware of yourself, develop a more balanced view of life, and experience a deeper sense of fulfillment. You’re healthier. You’re happier.

Intellectually, when you take ten or fifteen minutes a day to read a good book, what happens? Your vision of yourself expands; your vision of the world expands. You become more focused, more alert, and more vibrant. Clarity replaces confusion. You feel more fully alive, and you are happier.

Finally, spiritually, when you take a few moments each day to step into the classroom of silence and reconnect with yourself and with your God, what happens? The gentle voice within grows stronger, and you develop a deeper sense of peace, purpose, and direction. You’re healthier, you’re happier, and you have a richer experience of life.

Physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually, we know the things that infuse our lives with passion and enthusiasm. We know the things that make us happy. We just don’t do them.

It doesn’t make sense, does it?

On the one hand, we all want to be happy. On the other hand, we all know the things that make us happy. But we don’t do those things. Why? Simple. We are too busy. Too busy doing what? Too busy trying to be happy.

This is the paradox of happiness that has bewildered our age.

Too Busy Doing What?

Physically–we don’t exercise regularly because we’re too busy. We don’t eat the right types of food, because they take too long to prepare, it’s too easy to go through the drive-through, and we’re too busy.

We don’t sleep regularly because there are still only twenty-four hours in a day. We feel as though our lives have a momentum of their own, that they would go on with or without us. Our list of the things we have to do just gets longer and longer. We never feel that we get caught up; we just get more and more behind every day. Seriously, when was the last time you sat down, took a deep breath, and said to yourself, “I’m caught up now!” So we rush around late at night doing fifty-five little things before we go to bed and robbing ourselves of the precious sleep that rebuilds and rejuvenates us. Why? We are too busy.

Intellectually–we don’t even take those ten or fifteen minutes each day to read good books that challenge us to change, to grow, and to become the-best-version-of-ourselves. Why? We don’t have time. We are too busy.

Spiritually–most people very rarely step into the classroom of silence to reconnect with themselves and their God. Why? We are afraid of what we might discover about ourselves and about our lives. We are afraid we might be challenged to change. And we are too busy.

* * * * *

It begs the question, doesn’t it? What are we all too busy doing?]

At tables, discuss your impressions of the reading. Here are some questions to talk about… What are we are all too busy doing? What do you wish you had more time for in your life? And what would it take for you to make it a priority? We ask that someone take notes of the discussion with the question sheet at each table.

Many of you probably said that things like faith or quiet time for reflection were something you would like more time for.  Of course, we join you. We all want to do this together. We all want to support each other. We all want to make this a priority, so…

What could we do together to make a bigger impact on your family’s faith life?
(We ask someone to take notes on the reverse side of the question sheet at each table)

We want to join with you to make your faith life a bigger priority so here are some resources…
…Family Covenant (outside of the CF office)
…prayer tools (outside of the CF office)
…Mass cards (outside of the CF office)
…learning opportunities (info will be shared through CF News and on the CF Facebook page)

Catechist Meet-n-Greet

Introduction of Catechists & Aides                                                                                                                                                        Catechists have a chance to talk about class materials, focus for the year, outline classroom policies, etc.
Families have a chance to talk with other parents in their child’s class